Sunday, October 6, 2019

Winding River Basin Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Winding River Basin - Essay Example A stakeholder is someone who is part of an activity or anyone who has an interest in that particular activity hence is ultimately impacted by it. In this particular project, the governments of the aforementioned countries through various representatives are the major stakeholders since they are responsible for formulating statutory regulations as well as policies that guide the effective implementation of the project. Governance is particularly concerned with influencing the course of action with the major aim of achieving desired results. For instance, decentralization of authority from top to bottom would ensure effective management as each stakeholder involved would have a significant role to play hence they would be part of the project. Involving various stakeholders would promote compliance hence governance in the form of controlling or checking progress would be made easier. Decentralization of power and authority in the management of the project would ensure its effectiveness as well as mutual understanding among all stakeholders involved. Every member of the community should be involved in the overall project as this would give a sense of belonging to a certain activity. Controlling should be done at every stage as a way of ensuring that every sector of the society is well informed about the benefits of the project. Basically, effective implementation of the WRB project management would require concerted efforts of all stakeholders involved as this would ensure optimum compliance by all members of the societies impacted.

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