Saturday, October 19, 2019

Ethical issues in Health Care Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Ethical issues in Health Care Management - Essay Example That is why it his essay I will try to present some of the healthcare issued, which I believe are of crucial importance for the functions of the healthcare system as such. It is not only advisable, but it is rather mandatory for every healthcare organization to have its own codes of ethics complying with the general ethics, procedures and policies in view of the culture and worldwide health standards. Pozgar, Santucci and Pinnella (2009) advise that designing internal written policies on ethical decision making is in the interest of all involved parties from patients, family members, the organizations providing the healthcare services, to community centers and caregivers. Having an internal ethical manual will protect both the institution and the patient and is an ideal source when ethical dilemmas occur. Many healthcare professionals face situations today, when they have to refer to previous similar cases to seek adequate advice. Ethical dilemmas in day to day operations in healthcare organizations engage researchers and managers to seek relevant case studies to learn from. Both management and medical research try to create a list of ethical issues in healthcare industry as a guidance to constructively address and handle. I think one of the most biting ethical issues in healthcare management is how to protect personal data and information about patients. Pozgar, Santucci and Pinnella (2009) explain various case studies as an example of how breach of private details can involve both the institutions and the patient into a circle of legal actions and problems. The book discusses and prepares healthcare specialists about the legal realities of ethical issues. Managers should identify and evaluate for themselves the correct and incorrect courses of actions. Preferably, for the organization’s sake the manager should have some legal background knowledge, especially when faced with complex legal dilemma. The last two – three

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