Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Critically examine the use of special measures in criminal proceedings Essay

Critically examine the use of special measures in criminal proceedings for young people in England and Wales - Essay Example justice system as an offender, Justice Authorities must make sure they protect the young individuals from the harsh effects of the criminal justice system. The future of a young person and his welfare must be the most important features considered by the justice system while handling offenders. Punishment especially incarceration should to a larger extent be aimed at correcting the antisocial behaviours of the young offender rather than obtaining a measure of revenge for the person or community offended by the individual. In contrast, Children can become involved in the criminal justice delivery process as witnesses. Unlike offenders most of the underage individuals who witness crimes are innocent. The vulnerability of children makes is more important for justice authorities to make provisions for them where their evidence is important in getting criminals convicted. From the questioning by police investigators to the final appearance in the courtroom the process of giving evidence for crime can be hallowing for young witnesses. Additionally, criminals are known to threaten those who testify against them to instil fear in them or prevent them from presenting evidence that could condemn them. Over time the governments of England and Wales have developed policy that addresses the unique challenges involved in ensuring justice prevails for youth offenders and witnesses alike. Criminal justice for juvenile offenders has managed to put the consideration of the young offenders first. The education and young life of child offenders is not significantly affected by punishment. However, concern continues to mount that the adversarial criminal justice system continues to victimise juvenile witnesses and young victims of violent crime in the search of a defendant’s convictions or proof of innocence. This paper concentrates on the need to further protect child witnesses from the negative effects of involvement in a harsh adversarial justice system. This paper discusses

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