Tuesday, October 15, 2019

GROUP PROJECT Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

GROUP PROJECT - Essay Example Thus, this paper aims at looking how a particular research in the field of business is conducted. As such, the process or processes will be highlighted and compared to Sekaran’s research roadmap. There have been several suggestions on how research should be conducted depending on its nature, purpose, relevance, and contribution to the existing body of knowledge. In social sciences, especially in all fields related to business management and administration, many trends have surfaced out in the pursuit of delivering the best output both quantitatively and qualitatively so as to achieve certain goals necessary to the overall success of companies. Using the Sekaran research process, our group analyzed how Dennis Tourish and Paul Robson went about their research entitled Sensemaking and the Distortion of Critical Upward Communication in Organizations published by the Journal of Management Studies in its June 2006 issue. Dwelling on the importance of Critical Upward Communication or CUC as its point of inquiry, the researchers began by making sure that the readers can have a gist and eventually a full grasp of the whole paper by defining certain terminologies critical to the overall understanding and appreciation of the research. The research topic was then carefully introduced through the aid of â€Å"exemplifications and illustrations† which can be subsumed under â€Å"general observation,† the very first step in the process outlined by Sekaran. It was not difficult to identify the focal point of the research because it was overtly stated in its introduction coupled with clues that lead to the paper’s hypothesis. This is a clear deviation, at least in the manner or chronology of presentation, from the one outlined by Sekana. Steps 1, 2, and 3 were all jumbled up in the introduction. However, the paper can still be thoroughly understood as it presented its points and concerns in a deductive way. The literature review came right after the problem was

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