Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Southwest Airlines Essay -- Essays Papers

Southwest Airlines Executive Summary Southwest Airlines is currently the fourth largest airline in the United States. It flies over 64 million passengers a year, which makes 2,700 passengers a day, traveling to 58 cities. Southwest is the only major carrier to remain profitable in every quarter since 9/11, opposed to many other companies who have declared bankruptcy. It is an influential company that has greatly contributed to the development of the commercial airline industry. This industry has grown at an average rate of 5% over the past 20 years. Of course several uncontrollable economic and environmental factors, such as the events of September 11th and the current war on Iraq, have caused this growth to fluctuate. But, as market competition keeps increasing, airline management is trying to improve productivity, using different methods to reduce unit costs, and increase total network revenues without raising fares. What helps keep Southwest so successful is it’s company’s well-organized, efficient management and superior attitude. They do a very good job of concentrating on keeping their customers happy. They do this through treating their employees how they would want their customers to be treated, and committing themselves to constantly cut-down on costs. Introduction The growth of the commercial airline industry during the second half of this century was truly remarkable. It has had an innovatory impact on economic, technological, and cultural development throughout the world. This paper analyzes Southwest Airlines, and how they are using information technology to gain competitive advantage. First is the industry analysis which gives a sense of what... ...arketing. 18-22. [ONLINE] Available:!xrn_5_0_A53649655?sw_aep=vol_b92b (December 1998) Southwest Airlines Co. (2002). Southwest Airlines Annual Report [Page of southwest], [ONLINE]. Available: [2003, April 9] Southwest Airlines Co. (Feb 18, 2003). Southwest Airlines Fact Sheet [Fact Sheet, Southwest Airlines], [ONLINE]. Available: [2003, April 11]. Zellner, Wendy. (2003). Holding Steady: As Rivals Sputter, Can Southwest Stay on Top? Business Week. 66-68. [ONLINE] Available:!xrn_7_0_A91876745?sw_aep=vol_b92b (February 3, 2003)

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