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The Golden Age of Spain Period Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

The Golden Age of Spain Period - Research Paper Example This was within the period roughly between the tenth and twelve century, a time when Iberian Peninsula was under the Islamic command. The Jewish people marked this as their period that they had expansive participation in the economic and public life as well as their flourishing Hebrew culture. This Jews living in this era were very educated and cosmopolitan too (Lasker 80). Moreover, they engaged themselves in philosophy, science, literature and art though they remained committed to their religious traditions. It is important to note that the Jewish community living in Spain experienced a lengthy and extremely rich history that revolves back about 2000 years to roman rule. The roman period is a time when the Jewish left their territory Jerusalem and dispersed around the globe. The land of sepharad or sefarad thus Spain in Jewish language, is one of the largest contingents of Jewish settlement. The Sephardic community existed in times of peace and lots of prosperity for centuries though it endured some spells of oppression including prosecution (Lasker, 85). In the present day, the rediscovery of a lot of vibrant Jewish heritage of the ancient Iberian Peninsula has been noted and seen. A revival is underway on the Sephardic surroundings on various cultural events and the medieval synagogues in the vast lands of Spain. It has been noted that the confluence of Jewish culture in this particular area provides an interesting journey in studying the past. Cities such as Barcelona, Palma, Oviedo, Seville, Girona, Jean, Cardoba, Leon, Avila, Toledo, Segovia and Caceres found in this region still pose as Spanish Jewish sites (Lasker, 89). The discovery of other Jewish importance’s in Spain is still made up to date in cities such as Lorca where there is a well preserved synagogue that is visible when one is positioned at the Lorca Parador hotel. This is made even though there are cities existing notably possessing very rich Jewish heritage. This synagogue has more than 50 rare glass including oil amps that have been unearthed. Guests from a ll over flock in Spain to witness the overwhelming rich Jewish culture that is evidently characterized by vibrant architecture, grand hotels, art and to some extends some Jewish festivals (Hill, 55). Jewish religious authority was centered back in Babylonia a place where the Jewish Muslim counterparts held great Jewish leadership in great esteem. Hasdai ibn shaprut a Jewish physician through his efforts enabled the Jewish living in Spain to learn from the Jewish scholarly books. They no longer had to rely on the on the Babylonian academies religious authorities. The golden age was a time of partial Jewish autonomy. Especially as a dhimmis thus a protected non-Muslim living in the Islam world had to pay jizya which is different from zakat which is administered and paid separately by the Muslims. The jizya is similar to a head tax also a payment to non-conscription in the military. It was structured in the Muslim empire for non-Muslims not to precipitate in military activities includi ng bearing arms or receiving any basic martial art. So as attribute, the Jewish society had their own legal system including social services (Hill, 60).In that time, monotheist religions were tolerated thus of the people of the book. The activities that were not allowed were conscious displays of religious faith. This includes bells and processions that were heavily opposed and discouraged. In the Islamic world, identified Jewish including Christians were allowed to practice more freely than the Islam’

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